What we do

At Build Me a Better Website we can build you a website that is easy for your customers to find and simple to use. And once your new website is live, we’ll stay on hand if you need us to help keep things up to date.

Easy to find

There are two types of search results on Google: those that appear naturally (organic results) and those that appear because you pay for them (paid-for ads). An overwhelming number of clicks - 94% - are on the organic results.

We have a track record in getting sites high up the organic results list. This means your customers are far more likely to notice you and visit your site and you don't have to pay for adverts.

Simple to use

Once people land on your site, they usually spend just a few seconds deciding whether to stay there. The two most important things to customers at this point are ease of use and content. We specialise in both. Your website will be clear, focused and professionally written.

It will work well and look good in all the main browsers and on phones and tablets as well as desktop computers.

Up to date

It’s important to keep your website up to date for two main reasons. People make quick decisions online and one of the things they will be judging you on is whether your site is current. This is also one of the things affecting your search ranking. So, in other words, if you have out-of-date information on your site your customers might go elsewhere and your Google ranking might drop.

That’s why we offer an updating service. Anything from adding or removing an event to rewriting a whole section of the site. We charge updates at £40/hour (for more info see our prices page).

How we compare with the competition

Build Me a Better Website Listings websites (eg yell.com) DIY websites (eg 1&1.co.uk)
Your website ranks highly in organic search results? Yes No If you know how
Professionally written content? Yes No If you're a web writer
Well organised and easy to use? Yes No Depends on your skills
Simple to update Yes No If you know what you're doing
Annual/monthly fee? No Yes Depends on the provider - some are free